Drugs for the treatment of impotence – tablets, injections, ointments and suppositories

The most effective drugs for treating impotence in men. Review of the best agents for external use, oral administration, injection and administration to the urethra or intestine.

Drugs for impotence are those that are primarily involved in the treatment of such a disease, because they struggle not only with its manifestations, but also with the causes themselves. For this purpose, various tablets, topical products, suppositories and even injections can be prescribed. Most often this is all combined, although use is also allowed separately.

Generics for the treatment of impotence

Tablets for the treatment of impotence are prescribed in addition to various physiotherapy, injections, massage and psychological techniques. If you want to achieve results quickly and immediately before the sexual intercourse, you are prescribed generics. In vascular pathology treatment can not do without taking pills that dilute blood and strengthen the walls of blood vessels (Aspirin Cardio or its more expensive analog, Cardiomagnolo). With psychogenic impotence drugs can be selected already from the category of antidepressants.

To improve the situation, it is enough to take any one medicine from the generic group. If necessary, they can be alternated, but you can not permanently treat it to avoid damaging the liver and preventing addiction.

Let’s list the best preparations for impotence, which can replace each other:

  • Viagra. The drug was created specifically to treat erectile dysfunction associated with vascular nature. To do this, it is made on the basis of a biologically active substance sildenafil. It is available in the form of tablets of medium size, in the form of a diamond, in blue or blue. Successful application will only be when a man takes Viagra in the presence of sexual arousal. Usually it is packaged in cardboard packages of 4 pcs. The developer and manufacturer is the American pharmaceutical company Pfizer, located in the US. Tablets are taken with water, 50 mg for 30 minutes before intercourse, the maximum daily dose is 100 mg. Otherwise, side effect will become possible – stomach pain, migraine, weakness, visual impairment. This is due to the fact, that it contains a large number of synthetic components. In particular, this is why the constant and prolonged use of Viagra for more than two weeks is not recommended.
  • Cialis. The effect of this drug is similar to that of Viagra, only it persists for a longer time, on average 4-6 hours. The composition is based on tadalafil, which improves blood flow to the penis and allows it to accumulate in cavernous bodies, which causes the phallus to increase in volume. The product is available in the form of capsules, which are sold in one package of 4 pcs. It practically has no side effects and does not Effectiveness of Generic Cialis have many contraindications – myocardial infarction, stroke, heart failure, angina. With vascular impotence, the drug “Cialis” is taken 20 minutes before sexual intercourse, but with no more erectile dysfunctionthan 1 time per day. And here it is necessary to say that it is not intended for prolonged treatment at all, but if it does, the dose is reduced to 2.5 mg. In pharmacies, he is released on prescription, which will be prescribed by the attending physician. Produced in Spain, it is prescribed mainly for impotence, dictated by vascular disorders.
  • Levitra. It is designed to treat erectile dysfunction, is relevant when it is impossible to achieve or maintain a normal penis volume for coition. It includes vardenafil, which is the main active substance, among the auxiliary – cellulose, magnesium stearate, titanium dioxide, iron oxide yellow. The product is sold in the form of tablets of a round shape of orange color, packed in a blister. The initial dose is 10 mg, for men over 50 years – 5 mg, it is consumed 30-60 minutes before sexual contact, washed down with water. In this case, you can not take more than 1 tablet a day. The effect is observed for 2-4 hours. In some cases, nausea, heat, dyspepsia and headache may occur. The drug is produced by the German company Bayer Pharma AG. It is sold in dosages of 5, 10 and 20 mg, is available on prescription, restores potency in a short time, for 2-3 weeks. The product is not suitable for permanent use.
  • Impos. Unlike Levitra, Cialis and Viagra, it is relatively natural, which is why it belongs to the category of homeopathic remedies. The principle of its action is to increase the activity of endothelial NO synthase, to resume the production of nitric oxide during sexual stimulation and to increase the amount of cyclic guanosine monophosphate in smooth muscles. Because of this, the latter relax, which leads to an increase in the amount of blood in the cavernous bodies and thus contributes to a strong and prolonged erection. Impaza is prescribed not only with impotence, but also in case of sexual weakness and decreased libido. However, it is not used for treatment only with individual intolerance of certain components from the composition – cellulose, magnesium stearate, lactose monohydrate. The tablets are white in color and round in shape, They are sold in a silver blister for 20 pcs. in one package. They are taken before meals, 1 pc. a day, holding in your mouth until completely dissolved, for 12 weeks. For an episodic solution of the problem, 2 tablets are drunk. an hour before contact.
  • Laveron. This drug for impotence in men is made in the US. In one package, 30 tablets are sold that are needed to increase sexual activity in men, restore potency, improve erection before sexual intercourse and exacerbate orgasm. To provide such a complex effect allows the presence of biologically active and natural components – cinnamon, ginseng, garlic, plantain treatment of impotenceand a number of others. They affect the CNS excitantly and contribute to the influx of blood to the cavernous bodies, because of which the penis and increases in volume. Laveron was created for occasional use, it is drunk on 1 table. an hour before sexual intercourse, in especially severe cases, this dose may be increased to 2 pcs. The main thing is that 1 hour before and within two hours after taking the pill no food was consumed. The agent works almost immediately, and the achieved results are preserved for 2-4 hours. After taking the medicine, side effects are almost impossible. Moreover, it is not addictive and does not harm the liver. Laveron is dispensed in pharmacies without a prescription. In fact, it is an ordinary biological supplement of completely plant origin.

If we talk about capsules, then the most popular drug is Inforte, registered as a homeopathic remedy. It contains a hot dog, a Chinese yam, a ginseng root and a number of other components of plant origin. It is an effective natural stimulant of sexual activity, which increases potency and improves erection. To do this, take it for one month for 1 capsule a day. Contraindications to treatment with the help of inforte are atherosclerosis, hypertension, individual intolerance of components. It is especially useful to use this drug against impotence after 50 years, when most often the circulation of blood becomes especially acute.


Vitamins for the treatment of impotence

One of the most popular such complexes is the Mans formula. It is specifically designed for men to treat erectile dysfunction, including impotence. In its composition there is zinc, vitamin B6, beta-carotene and a number of other useful substances. The product is sold in the form of capsules, one package holds 30 or 60 pcs. Take them courses, for 30 days, twice a year, after which they take a break. The formulation was proposed by the manufacturer PharmaMed.

Very effective will be another, no less popular drug – Johimbe Forte. It is useful in that it stimulates the male potency by increasing the amount of blood entering the cavernous bodies of the penis. It is not recommended to use it for men with hypertension, liver and kidney diseases, since the agent has a rather strong influence on these organs. It is available in packs of 30 tablets, which must be taken every day for a month for 1 pc.

Another quite good vitamin-mineral complex is Duovit, designed specifically for men. It contains ascorbic acid, niacin, alpha-tocopherol, magnesium, iron and a number of other useful substances. The drug is taken within one month for 1 table. a day, washing down with water.

Solutions for injection in the treatment of impotence

The injections are justified only in cases where the tablets and ointments do not give the desired effect. They are usually made intramuscularly, intravenously, and the more so the introduction of the solution directly into the penis – little-known methods of therapy in patients with impotence. Injections make a maximum of 2-3 times a year on average 7-10 injections.

effective drugs for treating impotence in men

Of all solutions for injections, the following can be especially noted:

  • Omnadren 250. This is one of the most effective drugs for impotence in the form of a solution, which is poured into 1 ml ampoules and contains testosterone in its pure form. Usually in each package they are sold for 5 pcs. It belongs to the group of androgens, created for the treatment of impotence, which arose precisely on the basis of a lack of testosterone. It is administered intramuscularly at 1 ml at the end of each month. In some cases, the body can respond to this by priapism and fluid retention inside. The remedy is produced in Poland.
  • Testosterone propionate. This is another injection for injection solely based on the male hormone. It is administered intramuscularly by 10 ml every day, the course consists of 30 injections. The drug is available in ampoules of 1 mg, in the package they are sold for 5 pcs. Produces his company “Farmak”, he is released on prescription. This solution is not prescribed for neoplasms in the prostate gland, diabetes mellitus, urination disorder, after myocardial infarction.
  • Nebido. Unlike the first two drugs from this list, this solution contains not only testosterone, but also auxiliary components in the form of castor oil and benzyl benzoate. Injections are done intramuscularly, at a time 4 mg is administered. Frequency of injections – once every 12 weeks. This tool has a huge list of side effects – a decrease in the volume of urine, weight gain, increased appetite, and more.
  • Sustanon 250. This solution is prepared on the basis of testosterone with the addition of peanut oil and alcohol. It must be administered 1 ml every 3 weeks. During treatment, side effects from the immune, digestive, urinary system are possible. Sustanon 250 is not sold in ampoules, but in a 250 ml glass vial. The drug is produced in the Netherlands and requires a prescription from a doctor to purchase.
Important! Injections can not be done constantly, after the end of one course you need about an annual break.