Yoga for Lower Back Relieve

Yoga For Lower Back PainI for one talk to you get pic. I keep getting requests in for more for the lower back. So here we go.

First exercise she wanna do the lower back is all about alignment. So if you lower back

Is painful chances are delighted it a little bit of course there’s a bit of stiffness. So and for the first

Potion you to war. So you can place your hands he piped. Me going to walk back and during the feed right on the need to hips. Well you press your hands in the wall. So your whole upper body wants to be

In one line and ninety degree angle the the Lex. So in this post you’re going to pull up your kneecaps in your tights you going to pressure hands down keep shoulder from the back and if if someone pulls you back from the hips. Lengthen the spine don’t collection to lower its key to lower hips Tron in. And stretch to back that’s what you’re looking for. You creating space between the vertebrae. Breed into the rips

You might need to ask someone to tell you whether your alignment is right it’s on your own can be a little bit difficult to get that right. Now to come out you can stay for about half a minute maybe work up two minutes. To come out you push your stop blue stomach muscles in. And chill walk your feet forward

Pay. That’s how you come out tonight could just come let go off to war because standard good work you’ve done for your back could pee all for fayed. Okay next post will be under your comment. So we’re going to do a downward facing dog. Your mom your hands and yet he say to time in months are get the parts are you ready behind niece in your hands are shielded apart spread your fingers out from the wrists.

And stuck it out unlearn you can play shinny slightly back actually and then coming to downward facing dog so hipster heels press up. And lower the used to watch the floor. Now from the heart purseout true your hands. Imagine your fingers growing and for to lower back now top of the knees and the thais

Move back. Don’t collapse in your arms and you going to bring your in their ties out air between

Alexia pushing them out in a way between the Lex. Chipped ice Press and airtight move back. Put your tailbone roots. At the same time don’t let your tailbone move completely up especially if you’re

Know your arch the lower back is pretty press and anyway. So keep your tailbone root it in our ties drop part and moved back. And stay like that for Turkey seconds to minutes. That workers in their ties opens the sacrum and then you can come onto your knees for. The next post keep the naval talked menu come down and lifeless on the floor for a cobra pose. So fork over posts you going to root down to relax. So you’re pooling naval in Afghan you press to toe nails down kneecaps up ties lift and then their hips move back out reveals naval lift for her to the floor and on inbred don’t help with the hands yet. Guard shoulders on the back come up as far as you can without help on the outbreak come down repeat that five times.

Is to warm up the back. Now you do help inhale. Impression to your hands. Keep the hips pushing back through the heels. Keep pulling did front of the Lex up. Now find extension true to spine. So you’re back rips lift away from your lower back. Head of arm bones moved back and your heart opens. Don’t just show off your head back because you compression your neck. You can just keep your chin level with the floor or you can draw to Troutbeck. And from there it’s better to create a little bit of a left in the head. And again you can build this up to thirty seconds to minutes as well. And then you come down again. And rest

Arm head on one side for a moment. And then you can common lie on your back you can just turn around

Miss kahn like this for clarity. Laying on your back and we’re going to lifts Brenda Lex ground him

Back of the ties down. Lift your left leg up and Holt the back after tie. Fleshy partially hands slide down a bit. Now importance for the tribal just a route into the hamstrings. So you going to push your tie way into your hands and at the same time a router rights tied to back of the tie down into the floor. Both feet stay flexed said it is not about pulling your leg in. Actually it’s about routing the type I’m back. Stayed think about it back for right icekeep that grounded. And then you can release. You can feel the difference between the two Lex to left like will be longer and then you can do the same on their how to set to. Think about to back off the left eye keep it grounded too many pressure right type. Back into your hands the back of the left eye grounds as well that’s what you want that’s alignment lower back. You can even do it this uni bend safe desist to intense 10 by all means this is good too. K and I come. You could feel how to lower body is all nice and relaxed. You can stay like that for a few minutes. Okay let it. So a.m. Few exercises for the lower back to head into your practice if you lower back hurts. Always think about your alignment if you’re not sure please consult your doctor if you can do these exercises or find a local yoga teacher to guide you through them. Hope you enjoy that and see you next time me.